Izmaylovo Beta

Hotel Izmailovo Beta is an ideal selection for guests and visitors of Russian capital.

You will fancy comfort, cosines and high quality of services provided in any of more, than thousand room. Every room is furnished with comfortable and very cushioned furniture, telephone and TV-set (plugged in internal digital broadcasting system), equipment of some rooms comprises refrigerator and various other facilities.

The room capacity of Hotel Izmailovo Beta provides you with wide selection of single and double rooms in classes from economy to suits.

Hotel Izmailovo Beta comprises numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, sport and entertainment facilities. Therefore, you have conditions to feed and to entertain yourself without going out of the hotel.

Though, if you arrived in Moscow to sightseeing, in Hotel Izmailovo Beta you may make use of individual driver services or book an excursion for a group. Those, who would prefer to go for independent voyage around Moscow, may take metro at the station Partizanskaya ("Партизанская"), which is located in direct vicinity of the hotel.

Postal address of Hotel Izmailovo Beta:
Izmailovskoye shosse 71B, 105187 Moscow, Russia.

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