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Izmaylovo hotel

Izmailovo hotel is genuine symbol of modern history of Moscow. The hotel was built in close 70-s of the previous century to reside numerous guests of the Moscow Olympic games of 1980. These were Olympic Games to become symbol put in high-rise building of the hotel complex by famous architect of the time - J. Rubaev. Even today outlook of the hotel may be referred as ultramodern, whereas the interior finishing keeps attracting by freshness, originality and very high comfort.

As of the moment hotel complex Izmailovo comprises building Alfa, Beta, Vega and double building Gamma-Delta, with total room capacity of about 7.5 thousand rooms of various qualities (from economy to suits and apartments), designed and furnished in best European traditions. Each of the hotel buildings comprises various shops, spas and sport centers, as well as cafes and restaurants and even a casino. Security is provided for wide video control system combined with break proof and convenient electronic locks installed in rooms doors.

Project of the hotel comprises numerous conference halls providing at your disposition modern finishing, quality video and audio equipment, powerful air conditioning system. Some halls have as much as one thousand five hundred sits.

Location is one of the hotel advantages. Hotel building is located in one of the most environmentally clean parts of Moscow. Izmailovo park in vicinity of the hotel provides not only perfect view for numerous rooms of the hotel, but also is a source of cleanest air and good mood. The park comprises Serebryano-Vinogradniy pond surrounding so called Court residence (House of Romanov), which is beautiful monument of history and culture. In The historical and natural landscape is backgrounded by lines of modern high-rise buildings.

Izmaylovo hotel photos

Photo: Hotel Izmaylovo
Hotel Izmaylovo
Photo: Kremlin в Izmaylovo
Kremlin в Izmaylovo
Photo: Izmaylovo Kremlin
Izmaylovo Kremlin
Panorama of Hotel Izmaylovo
Panorama of Izmaylovo hotel complex
Photo: Izmaylovo, Beta
Izmaylovo, Beta
Photo: Hotel Izmaylovo
Hotel Izmaylovo

To get to the center of Moscow from any building of the hotel you may select either taking one of the thoroughfares located in vicinity (when traveling by car) or going down to the metro station Partizanskaya ("ѕартизанска€"), which is in immediate vicinity of the hotel.

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