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We provide you with options of room in any part of hotel complex Izmailovo, as well as events and meetings facilities for any types of events (seminars, conferences, etc.) booking.

Why address to us?

Addressing to our services and booking rooms in the Izmailovo hotel you will get access to flexible prices varying depending on selected date of check-in and to 0% of booking via telephone or on-line form filling booking charge. Payment for room may be performed at the moment of check-in in Izmailovo hotel.

Details on rooms available for booking with photographs of facilities provided are provided on the web-site.

Why Izmailovo hotel?

Izmailovo hotel is prestige of one of Moscow symbols marring high quality of services with the lowest prices.

Hotel complex Izmailovo comprises several buildings: Alfa, Beta, Vega and Gamma-Delta. The complex was built for the purposes of the Moscow Olympic Games of 1980 to reside numerous gusts of the capital. Even now, majority of public events addresses for the assistance of the complex, which is for good reason is considered as one of the largest ones.

Each of 7.5 thousand rooms of the hotel complex combines cosines and freshness of interior design, well furnished sanitary conveniences, comfortable furniture, TV-set, internet access and particularly good environment.

Quality of services provided meets international standards applicable to three stars qualified hotels or even higher standards. Shops, entertainment spots and spas, as well as various cafes and restaurants located in the complex add to comfort and pleasure of the staying.

Numerous meeting rooms and conference halls allow to combine staying and recreation in the hotel with business options.

Hotel complex is located near Partizanskaya ("Партизанская") metro station and is in close vicinity to main Moscow thoroughfares. However hotel is located in vicinity of Izmailovo park, which is one of the greenest and pristine pearls of Moscow.

Combination of the above features makes each of the buildings of trade and hotel complex Izmailovo (TGC Izmailovo) an ideal mixture of convenience, comfort, attractive location and low prices.

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